GUARDIAN Hinges are the finest hinges made in the world for heavy gates - there is no equal. Our hinges have unique engineering qualities that enable them to bear weight differently than any other hinge. That is not to say that the other hinges are bad; quite the contrary. However, when it comes to heavy gates, or gates that are used frequently - for instance, trash gates, heavy commercial gates, community pool gates, or gates with an electric operator - then a better hinge should be employed. This is where GUARDIAN Hinges come in, and have done so for 30 years and counting.

We just don't claim our hinge is the best, we  set out to prove it. Guardian Hinges are the only hinges known to have independent testing by an engineering facility. The Guardian Hinge is superior to our competitors' hinges with features that are unparalleled, and this is why we can back our product with the only Lifetime Warranty in the industry.